• Pleasant Valeey Revisited

Pleasant Valley revisited is a new look at Arizona’s range war which was also called the Graham-Tewksbury or Tonto Basin War. New information about the folks on both factions about this war was found at Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott, Arizona, the Arizona Historical Society, Flagstaff Branch and our Arizona State Archives, in downtown Phoenix and that information is the basis of this book. From 1885 to 1888 there were thirty six men who died from both sides of this range war and another fifteen men either left the county or simply disappeared never to be found or heard of again. Both factions put the word bush in bushwack. Men were hung, shot in the back and shot on sight by both factions and there were three firefights between both factions. In this book I present the history of Pleasant Valley from a couple of folks who went on record after all of the participants of this feud had passed away. I present all of the new and old evidence relating to this range war and it is up to the reader to make his or her decision.

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Pleasant Valeey Revisited

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