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To My Readers:

Since I was a little boy, whenever I have been seriously ill or close to death the same four men come to my bedside. I recognized my paternal grandfather, Thomas Arthur Vyles, as one of the men. It took many years for me to realize that Mark Twain was also one of the men. I was never able to recognize the other two men until my sister in law gave me a book about the life of Ben Franklin for a birthday present fifteen years ago.

Its crazy but we always see pictures of Ben Franklin as an old man with long strait white hair but half way through the book there was a picture of Ben when he was in his late 30ís or early 40ís and to my surprise he was the third man who also came to my bedside.

The fourth man I have never been able to figure out who he is but he speaks to my mind telepathically. He is about five foot five inches tall. He is thin. He wears a long brown robe that is tied with a rope around his waste. His face is very beautiful. He has dark brown skin with long dark brown hair. He looks to be Arabic or Jewish.

I still do not know who he is but he has an amazing peace about him and when I am there with him I am totally at peace. I really do not want to leave him.

Ironically, Mark Twain and my grandfather always seem to be arguing or having a heated discussion at the end of my bed while Ben Franklin and the peaceful man stand on either side of my bed. The only man who speaks to me is the man with the robe and again this is only telepathically.

I have had experiences with people who have left this world and Angels that our Lord sends me when I am in trouble and ask for his help. In this book I am going to share all of my experiences with ghosts and Angelic spirits that I have encountered throughout my life.

Zeke Crandall, Author & Historian

Release date of this digital book- Fall 2015